It's Lit! 2017

awards and certificates of achievement

On Tuesday, June 13, 2017 students, families, and teachers gathered to celebrate students who were published in the 2017 edition of It's Lit!

It's Lit! is a collection of student writing from students of the Worcester Public Schools. This year the theme was "inspiration" and over 800 pieces of writing were submitted for consideration. A dedicated group of student editors helped read through the entries, made final selections, edited the journal, and selected specific award winners for the celebration. All students received a Certificate of Achievement and a copy of It's Lit! at the celebration, and the following students received a special award:

Rumani Kafle, Grade 10 from Doherty High School, received the Inspired by Reading Award for A Eulogy for Clarisse McClellan.
Timothy Joel Rosado, Grade 12 from North High School, received the Purpose Award for My Inspiration.
Carlos Silva, Grade 12 from North High School, received the Inspirational Award for Rise and Shine.
Zulimar Quiros, Grade 8 from Sullivan Middle School, received the Creativity Award for her blackout poem (Untitled).
Mena Hoac, Grade 2 from West Tatnuck School, received the Perseverance Award for My Mardi Gras Meet.
Jack Miller, Grade 6 from May Street School, received the Courage Award for Eyes.
Arba Kamberi, Grade 7 from Forest Grove Middle School, received the Award for Life of a Pianist.  

Student editors:

Dorean Asuako, Grade 12
Farah Mohamad, Grade 11
Emanuel Sekyi, Grade 11
Emily Studkowski, Grade 11
Patrick Wallace, Grade 12

Special thanks needs to go to Carolyn Waters, Focused Instructional Coach at Doherty High School for helping organize the student team, and to Timmary Leary, Visual Arts Liaison, for her assistance with student artwork and the celebration. Special thanks also needs to go to WEDF for supporting the event.

Congratulations to all students, families, and teachers!